gMax Rolling Cart with Locking Casters

This stylish and functional cart was designed with quality and strength in mind, using solid steel plates and the same high quality components as the gMax printer itself. 

printer on cart_181024.jpg
gmax flexplate_181208.png

BuildTak Magnetic Flex Plate

Remove your prints with ease


The BuildTak magnetic flex plate system can be installed directly on a gMax head bed. The flex plate system allows you to remove your prints with ease.


Print Surfaces

Your Choice of Industry Standard Print Surfaces

From acrylic, to BuildTak PEI to GeckoTek. Pick the surface needed for your print job.

print surface_acrylic.png
print surface_GT hot.png
print surface_GT cold.png
print surface_BT_PEI.png
print surface_BT.png

Frosted Acrylic

Custom BuildTak

BuildTak PEI

GeckoTek Cold

GeckoTek Hot