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13,233  | 317 kg | 11,383

# of Face Shields Printed to Date
Filament Utilized
Hours of 3D Printing

In these unprecedented times, gCreate has been pushing hard to provide front line workers with the necessary PPE required to perform their jobs safely. 3D printing is the ideal method for on-demand production and we immediately shifted our facilities to accommodate the need. 

  • Huge farm of gMax 3D Printers running non-stop with more being added.

  • Over 200,000 in³ total print volume for PPE.

  • Located in Brooklyn NY, the manufacturing heart of NYC.

  • Capacity of 300-1000 shields a day.

  • Printing in PLA, PETG and TPU.

  • Parts have been distributed to over 25 hospitals, healthcare facilities, and locations.

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gcreate_printing_small wide.jpg
thirds view_clean.jpg

Face Shield Brackets

The need for rapid manufacturing of reusable face shield brackets has led our print farm to run 24/7 as demand has increased. 3D printing has allowed us to rapidly produce the required face shield design especially as the designs have gone through several design changes.

Face shield brackets:

  • Various designs printed including Prusa, 3D Verkstan, and several other models. 

  • Designs have been optimized to allow for stacking, fast printing and use common rubber band  solutions.

  • Brackets have been distributed to over 25 different hospitals, healthcare facilities, rehab centers and other locations.

  • Instant changes to production yield per demand.

  • Kudos go to Prusa and 3D Verkstan for their efforts.

Ventilator Y Splitter

New York State and the Department of Health expressed the potential need for customized and on-demand Y splitters to increase ventilator capacity. gCreate developed several parametric prototypes to work with existing ventilator tubes and allowed for various accessories to be added.

Y valve specifications:

  • Designed in Fusion 360 with every feature parametrically driven. 

  • Able to be customized to fit any required tube diameter

  • Printed in clear PETG with sanitation in mind

  • Additional duckbill one-way valve was designed and printed out of TPU 85a filament.

y-splitter valve.jpg

3D Printer Respirator Design

Aside from face masks, reusable and washable respirators have been in high demand. We began prototyping a respirator design that would allow for easy filter replacement, can be easily 3d printed and would incorporate a TPU or silicone gasket for better sealing around the face.

Respirator specifications:

  • Can be printed flat on any FDM printer

  • No support material required

  • PETG is preferred

  • Prints in 90 minutes

  • External filter can easily be replaced

  • TPU 85a or silicone is preferred material for gasket


After several iterations, we have a working prototype that uses 3M or other filter material cut to fit the external filter housing. We plan on uploading this for FDA and or DOH approval once satisfied with the operation.

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