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Dual-Material, Dual-Color, Dual-Nozzle 3D printing is here.

Dual Extruder

dual PVA print on white_small.jpg

Dual Extruder Features:​

  • Precision engineered with exact offsets for easy setup and printing.

  • Wide range of nozzles sizes for fast switching.

  • Dual-material, dual-color, or dual nozzle 3D printing made easy.

  • Many pre configured .factory or Cura project files to get you printing quickly.

  • Print with PVA water soluble support!

The gMax 2 Dual Extruder 3D Printer utilizes the popular E3D Chimera+ hotend set,  a proven solution that works great on the gMax 2 platform.



2 In, 2 Out

Chimera+ Dual Hotend

chimera hotend_small.jpg

The gMax 2 uses genuine E3D hotends for high precision and accessible replacement parts.


Dual Chimera+ with 2 inputs and 2 outputs allows for independent temperature control per nozzle for use with a wide range of materials simultaneously.

Each heater can also utilize different nozzle sizes for extremely strong infill with high detailed perimeters. Mix and match nozzles all in the same dual print!

Hotend Selector

Dual extrusion print with ProtoPasta Stainless Steel HTPLA and Brassfiill PLA

dual chimera_small.jpg

Dual extrusion print with ProtoPasta MatteFiber HTPLA as stone and Atomic Red PLA letters

TPU octo (2).gif

Dual extrusion print with Flexible TPU and Atomic Silver PLA

Dual Printing Examples

Using the gMax 2 dual extruder not only allows for multi-color printing but multi material printing as well. Mix the properties of two different materials in a single print including water-soluble PVA as support material.

dual pla and tpu_small.jpg

Dual extrusion print with Push Plastic Black PLA and Makeshaper Orange TPU 85a

PVA bearing.jpg

Dual extrusion bearing print with Water Soluble PVA and Black PLA


PVA Support Material

Printing in water-soluble PVA as support material allows for easy support removal an with a better surface finish that traditional support. We highly recommend using Esun PVA and make sure to keep it in a cool dry place with desiccants. Using new and dry PVA will provide the best results.

gmax2_dual PVA on table_small.jpg

Dual extrusion print with Atomic Grey PLA and eSun PVA Support. Printed on the Chimera+

Configuration files for Simplify 3D and Cura

The gMax 2 Dual Extruder has been tested extensively using the popular Simplify 3D and Cura slicing software and configuration files are available for the Chimera+. Follow the links below to download. 

Simplify 3D

Simplify3D is the standard of professional slicing with advanced features and a powerful gcode viz engine.

dual logo_2.jpg

Cura is the most advanced free slicing program with new features being continuously added.

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