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It is with great sadness that we announce gCreate has ceased all operations and closed on May 1st, 2023. We thank all of our customers for their support and dedication throughout the years, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


While we are no longer able to provide live support or services related to our 3D printers, we strongly encourage you to visit our resources page, view our support articles, and download all of the manuals and files from the "gMax Google Drive Repository" as soon as possible.


There is also a gMax 3D Printer user-run Facebook group. We hope that you have enjoyed the products and services we have provided in the past. Thank you again for your support.


457 x 457 x 609 mm

(18 x 18 x 24 in) build volume

Your Next Generation High Performance, Workhorse 3D Printer.

  • 18 x 18 x 24 inch build volume (7,776 in³)

  • Precision linear motion system

  • Filament runout sensor

  • Printer controlled heated bed

  • All-metal hotend with interchangeable nozzles

  • Industrial strength

  • Self-leveling

  • Print up to 300℃

  • Enclosure ready

  • Over 20,000 hours of testing


gMax Customers Include

printer on cart_181024.jpg
Massive Build Volume

Incredible 18 x18 x 24 inches (7,776 in³) of print volume!

Extensive Filament Options

Print with over 30+ material types right out of the box including TPU 85A.

Genuine E3D All-Metal Hotend

Print up to 300C with nozzles from 0.25mm to 1.2mm.

Industrial Strength Frame

80/20 aluminum frame, steel linear rails and metal components.

Integrated Heated Bed and BuildTak

The integrated heated bed is controlled by external relay and comes with a custom BuildTak print surface.

Many Printing Options

Print from SD Card, USB memory, USB or from the cloud over Wifi with the gTouch Controller.

Optional Rolling Cart with Locking Casters

The perfect way to support your gMax printer and store all of your accessories.

Request a Sample

See what the best large format 3D printer is capable of

print volume_small_181211.jpg
Jet Engine

This amazing design (by Catiav5ftw) was printed on all gMax 2 prototype printers.

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