gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer USA made industrial performance

Versatile, High Performance, USA Made

18" x 18" x 24" Print Volume Capabilities
800W G10FR4 Heated Build Plate Set 
Copperhead Hotend Can Print Up To 400°C
Industrial Performance 3D Printing at $4,895

457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6 mm) print volume

Designed and rigorously tested to be versatile across a wide range of materials and functionalities, the gMax 2 PRO is the premium solution for accurate, consistent 3D printing with a build volume suited for life sized objects. 


The gMax 2 PRO is the new standard for easy to use, affordable, industrial large format desktop 3D printing. 

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer with 18" x 18" x 24" large format 3D printing build volume

A Large Format Workhorse

The gMax 2 PRO sets the new standard for large format desktop 3D printers.


The gMax 2 PRO has an impressive build volume of 457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6 mm (18" x 18" x 24") or and impressive 7,776 in³.


The gMax 2 PRO has all metal structural and is made from industrial grade materials. From steel linear rails to a robust genuine 80/20 frame, the gMax 2 PRO was designed with strength, performance and reliability in mind.

  • Powerful Direct Drive Extruder

  • Sharpest Drive Gear in the Industry

  • Print with 85A TPU

  • High Quality Metal Parts

  • Made in the USA

  • Accepts 0.2mm - 1.2mm Nozzles

  • Speeds Up To 200 mm/sec

  • Slice Engineering Copperhead Hotend Prints Up to 400°C out of the box

  • Powerful Blower Fan for Fast Cooling


gMax 2 PRO high temperature extruder with slice engineering copperhead hotend

Industrial Glass Fiber Reinforced

Composite Heated Bed

The glass fiber reinforced heated bed provides a great print surface for all types of filament.


We use a custom laser cut BuildTak G10FR4 composite heated build surface for excellent thermal stability even at high temps combined with an 800 Watt heated pad. The bed is controlled by the printer via an external Solid State Relay (SSR) with PID tuning and fuse protection.


The result is a bed that combines the thermal stability of glass and the resilience of aluminum for a perfect heating cycle. You can adjust temperatures per layer, fine tune the heating cycle and turn off the bed remotely with the gTouch Controller.

gCreate gMax 2 PRO heated bed with high performance glass fiber reinforced resin surface

Additional Print Surface (optional)

G10 FR4

Heated Pad

Fiber Glass


Also compatiable with:

▪ BuildTak Print Surface w/ Custom gMax Graphics

▪ BuildTak PEI


▪ GeckoTek EZ-Stick Hot

▪ GeckoTek EZ-Stick Cold (Non-Heated Bed)


Print Engineering Grade Materials Out of the Box

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PLA Engineering Bracket

The gMax 2 PRO is designed to print with an extensive selection of 1.75mm filaments right out of the box to 400°C. We manufacture top quality 3D printers that perform with top quality materials.

  • PLA

  • PETG

  • TPU

  • CF-Nylon

  • PVA

  • GF Nylon

  • 90% Metal Filament

  • PC+TPE

  • Nylon 645

  • ABS

  • Polycarbonate

  • Engineering Grade Composites

  • Metal Composites

  • and many more


32-Bit Electronics with Marlin 2.0

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer silent TMC2130 stepper drivers

The gMax 2 PRO has 32-bit electronics using a powerful Arm Cortex-M4 STM32 processor


The gMax 2 PRO electronics have been completely redesigned to use powerful new controller options and firmware.

We are utilizing Trinamic TMC2130 stepper drivers equipped with SpreadCycle™ and StealthChop™ technology for silent operation at increased speeds and up to 1/256 microstepping!

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer 32-bit electronics
gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer full color touch screen

Additional upgrades include:

  • All new v2 filament runout sensor (Dual runout compatible)

  • Power loss recovery

  • 144 point bilinear bed leveling (BBL)

  • Sensorless homing

  • RGB LED light bar with printer events

  • Print from SD, USB memory stick or USB via a computer

  • Classic Marlin mode emulator and much more

The gMax 2 PRO also includes a responsive full color touch screen with dedicated firmware. The screen operates very quickly and has updated themes available. Future software updates can easily be done via SD card.

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer high performance 32-bit electronics
gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer full color touch screen
gCreate gMax 2 PRO filament runout sensor

Industry Leading


We use genuine components from industry leading partners to ensure the highest quality output and easy maintenance.

USA Designed and Manufactured

The gMax 2 PRO is proudly made in-house in Brooklyn, NY with many parts sourced in the USA.

In-House Tech Support

We have dedicated in-house technicians available for email, phone, and video support.

Custom Configuration Files

for PrusaSlicer, Cura, and Simplify3D

The gMax 2 PRO 3D Printer has been tested extensively using the popular PrusaSlicer, Simplify 3D, and Cura slicing software. 

Dual extruder chessboard on a gMax 3D printer in PrusaSlicer screenshot
Dual extruder 3D printed benchy on the gCreate gMax 3D Printer

PrusaSlicer is a powerful and free open-source slicing engine with advanced features such as paint on support, variable layer height and dual 2in1 support. (Recommended)

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer with custom PrusaSlicer slicing config files available

Cura is a free slicing program with new features being continuously added over the years.

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer with custom Cura slicing config files available
Simplify 3D

Simplify3D is a professional slicing with advanced features and a powerful gcode viz engine.

gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer with custom Simplify3D slicing config files available

gMax 2 PRO Print Gallery

The gMax 2 PRO has been tested across a wide variety of filaments from flexible TPU to glass giber reinforced nylon to ensure you can print with industrial grade materials. Thanks to the 400°C Slice Engineering Copperhead hotend and BuildTak G10FR4 heated build plate the gMax 2 PRO is ready for your next project.


gTouch Controller

Wireless Printing And Cloud Control

gTouch full-color 5" controller with wifi capabilities for the gCreate gMax 2 PRO 3D printer
Astroprint app compatible with gCreate gTouch Controller on the gMax 2 PRO 3D printer

gCreate has partnered with Astroprint to further extend the capabilities of your gMax 2 PRO.


Integrate cloud storage, remote monitoring, printer management, camera streaming and more. All on a 5-inch full color touch screen.

With your 5" full color gTouch you create a FREE Astroprint account to access all the features:

  • Wireless printer management and monitoring

  • Printer control from your computer, phone or the cloud

  • Attach a webcam for realtime video streaming

  • Slicing and printing from the cloud

  • Local printer management

  • Access to Astroprint Mobile app and Desktop app

  • Print job queue management

  • Tailored for the gMax with pre-installed tasks and license files

  • Plug-and-Play friendly

gMax 2 PRO
3D printed carbon fiber PLA rocket ship on the gMax 2 PRO 3D printer

Printer Technology

FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling


18" x 18" x 24" inch  (7,776 in³) print volume

(457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6 mm)​

Layer Resoolution:

0.01mm to 0.9mm micron (nozzle dependent)


gMax Printers are compatible with a wide variety of 1.75mm filaments

Linear Motion:

Metal linear guides for X, Y and Z

4mm Pitch Tr10 10mm Lead Screws


0.000492” XY resolution
0.0000492" Z resolution
0.040 mm min layer resolution

1/256 microstepping controlled by firmware


18" x 18" G10FR4 Glass Fiber Reinforced Heated Bed Controlled by Printer. Keenovo Silicone 800W Heated Pad, FoTek SSR in Steel Grounded Case. 

18" x 18" sanded acrylic (optional)


32-Bit SKR v2

Arm Cortex M4 STM32 Processor

Marlin 2.0 Firmware

​Runout Sensor:

Dual bearing PRO Runout Sensor with optical sensor. Can be connected to other sensors

Power supply:

120v/240v Selectable Micro ATX

(Printer Uses Approx. 80 Watts)
120v (Only) Heated Bed Plugs Directly Into Wall


All-Metal Slice Engineering Copperhead  with 50W heater cartridge. Prints 400°C out of the box 


Works with a variety of nozzle diameters (0.2mm - 1.2mm), Stainless Steel, Olsson Ruby and more 

Structure and Frame:

Genuine 80/20 Lite aluminum 1.5″ T-Slot profile

Powder coated aluminum and steel parts manufactured in the USA


NEMA 17 1.68 Amp, 1.8 Step Angle
Silent TMC2130 Drivers with SPI

Bed Leveling:

Integrated Genuine BLTouch Smart Bed Leveling Sensor 144 Point Bi-Linear Bed Leveling (BBL)


Print via USB, SD Card or USB Stick
Advanced WiFi, Cloud and USB Memory Printing Powered by the gTouch Controller and Astroprint (add-on)
Support for future ESP01S WiFi Module compatibility


All 3D printed parts are printed in industrial-grade CF PETG and SLS nylon.

The gMax 2 PRO is enclosure compatible.


Approx. 80lbs