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gCreate has partnered with Astroprint to greatly extend the capabilities of your gMax 2 or gMax 1.5+ with cloud control, remote monitoring, printer management and much more.

With your 5" Full Color gTouch Controller and a FREE Astroprint account you have access to all the great features:

  • Wireless printer management and monitoring

  • Printer control from your computer, phone or the cloud

  • Attach a webcam for realtime video streaming

  • Slicing and Printing from the cloud

  • Local printer management

  • Access to Astroprint Mobile app and Desktop app

  • Print job queue management (With a pro plan)

  • Tailored for the gMax with pre-installed tasks and license files

  • Plug and Play Friendly

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The gTouch plugs straight into the gMax printer allowing for full control from anywhere.

  • Run custom gMax tasks such as "Purge Filament" and "Level Bed" from the touchscreen or remotely.

  • Control your printer remotely just like you were there.

  • Print straight from your computer through the Astrotouch Desktop app.

  • Live Z adjustment (Babystepping) of the first layer.

Take Control of Your gMax

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computer monitor_astroprint monitor 2 pr

Remote Print Monitoring


Using your Astroprint account, you have full control of 2 gMax  printers. With a pro plan you can monitor 10+ gMax printers and have access to even more advanced features.

  • Add 10+ gMax Printers and other supported printers with a single account for easy control over your printer fleet. 

  • View real-time progress of prints with estimated print times.

  • View print queue and assign new print jobs.

  • Add a web cam for live streaming of print jobs and image updates from the monitor page.

Cloud Based Library


With a FREE Astroprint account, you have access to your secure cloud based library of files. You can simply upload your own .stl files for cloud based slicing or you can upload pre-sliced .gcode files.

Once uploaded, assign your file to an open printer, add it to a printer queue or simply "Print Later".

  • Assign print jobs to open printers.

  • Add print jobs to print queues.

  • Create new print jobs to be assigned later.

  • Centralized location for all your files.

  • Access the cloud based files from any gTouch Controller on your printer.

  • Transfers are done with incredible
    2,048 bit SSL encryption.

  • Files are stored on state of the art AWS S3 Buckets.

Mobile App

Using the powerful Astroprint Mobile App you can have full control over your gMax print farm.


With AstroPrint Mobile , you have the ability to:

  • Print from Your AstroPrint Cloud File Manager.

  • Remotely Monitor Your Printer.

  • Get Push Notifications About Printer Status.

  • View Your Print History and Print Analytics.

  • Print from the Thingiverse App.

Even More Touch Screen Features

The 5" touchscreen has a wide range of features to control your printer, upload files and monitor progress leading to increased productivity and a better print experience.

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