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Professional Grade Extruders for High Temp 3D Printing

The powerful gMax 2 extruder utilizes high-performance all-metal hotends that are able to print in a variety of industrial grade materials ranging from 85A Flexible TPU to Polycarbonate to Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Nylon. 

With the gMax printer, easily swap nozzles to suit your project thanks to the E3D hotend.

From high detail to high flow, pick what you require.

0.25 mm
0.5 mm
0.8 mm

Fine detail and

slower printing

Course detail and

fast printing

0.8 mm
1.2 mm

E3D Volcano, high flow printing


Hardened nozzles for abrasive materials


Special Nozzles,

Olsson Ruby extreme hardness 

E3D Volcano

Bigger, Stronger, Faster Prints



The large format 18" x 18" x 24" (457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6 mm) build volume capabilities of the gMax 2 make it ideal for utilizing larger nozzles. Thicker layers means faster and stronger printing, allowing you to maximize your time to print more and print bigger. 

Larger nozzles are not ideal for prints that require fine, intricate details but great for fast strong prints. For finer detail, it would be better to swap with a smaller nozzle tip, which can be quickly and easily done on the gMax 2 3D printer.

0.25 mm Nozzle - Fine Detail

Finer nozzles such as 0.25mm are great for tiny, high detailed prints and work beautifully on the gMax 2.


Sacrifice speed in exchange for greater detail. Smaller nozzles requires care and attention to use well but they are worth the effort if showcasing intricate detail is what you are after.