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3D Printed Turbine in Aluminum PLA

We had a spool of SainSmart Aluminum PLA so we searched for just the right model to print. We think the results look great, especially scaled to 200 percent.

No heated bed is necessary and this model and material can be printed on cold acrylic. The final print does not require any post-processing, however it can be sanded and polished to achieve more shine.

3D printed Turbine in Aluminum PLA.

Print Settings

Extruder Temp: 210°C

Infill: 25%

Layer Height: 0.1mm

Speed: 50mm/sec

Printer: gMax 2 3D Printer

Aluminum-filled PLA has a great surface finish but please note that any retractions, layer changes, or nozzle drag from travel are very pronounced.

When we printed it, we noticed that the model would stick to the acrylic bed a little too well. To prevent this, you can use a little bit of purple glue stick to help facilitate removing the model from the building plate.

The finished print had a very nice satin finish to it. However, it is not a very strong print and is more cosmetic.

The additional housing pieces were printed out of stronger PolyMax PLA from Polymaker. Due to the scale, we had to make a custom designed piece in place of the 12v DC motor to hold two 608 bearings and a 5/16" threaded shaft.

The result is a turbine that can be spun using a cordless drill, which is always a good time.

PolyMax PLA housing with custom Bearing Inserts

Get the model today and try printing it for yourself!

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Get the model here:

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