Choosing The Right Nozzle For Your Layer Height With 3D Printing

Updated: 1 day ago

Layer height comparison of 3d print
0.2mm Layer Height (Left) vs 0.9mm Layer Height (Right)

Often in 3D printing, you will need to change your layer height or your nozzle size to either increase detail or reduce print time. Fortunately, our gMax printers allow you to easily change the nozzle size (for more information on how to change your nozzle in a gMax printer, visit However, what is often overlooked is the correlation between the nozzle size and the appropriate layer height to achieve the best results.

Lets start off by explaining the relationship between layer height, nozzle size, and print time.

Nozzle Size vs. Layer Height

Fig. 1.3: Tower Building (1"x1"x2.25")

A finer nozzle size will give you a very high-quality print with amazing detail. However, by using a finer nozzle size, you will greatly increase your print time.

For example, Fig 1.3 shows a detailed skyscraper on a gMax 2 using a 0.2mm nozzle size and 0.1mm layer height.

As you can see, it will look amazing and it will capture most details like the windows, but by using these settings, the print time could be as long as 4 hours for a model 1"x1"x2.25" in size.

Printing the same model with a 0.5mm nozzle and a 0.2mm layer height on the same printer would lower the print time to just over 1 hour depending on your speeds.

Printing a model with a very fine nozzle size will give you great results for small models with fine details and a fine layer height. You will sacrifice print time but get finer details in return.

Something to note is that by using small nozzles for large models, will provide you a very high-resolution print but this might take several days and in some cases more than a week to finish.

3D Printed twisted vase
Fig. 1.4: Twisted bin printed with 1.0mm nozzle

On the other end of the spectrum Fig 1.4 shows a much larger 3D printed twisted bin with the dimensions of 9.5" x 9.5" x 13".

It was printed using 1.0mm nozzle at a 0.4mm layer height. The print took just around 12 hours when printed in spiral vase mode.