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How to 3D Print a Mushroom Lamp in PLA Filament

The mushroom lamp is a fun print for children and adults alike. Follow this tutorial to see the settings we used and the results when printed on a gMax 3d printer.




Mushroom Lamp

by wuguigui


gMax 1.5 XT+

gMax 2 PRO

Slicing Program:

PrusaSlicer 4.2

Setting Up the Models


We printed the body at 150% scale on a gMax 2 PRO and we used a sanded cold acrylic bed when printing.

The file is set up using fairly standard settings:

  • 11% infill (gyroid)

  • 0.35mm (body) and 0.2mm (head) layer height

  • Higher speeds to reduce print time

Next, we're going to add a modifier cylinder in the model and set the infill to zero. By using a modifier object, we can ensure the top of the model doesn't have infill which will improve light transmission and lower print time.

For models with smooth curves and little detail, increasing acceleration and speed is not an issue.

Note: If you do increase the speed and layer height, it is recommended to increase the filament temperature as well to improve layer adhesion.

The head model is a little trickier than the body since its not only hollow, but it also has

Minimal support needed

large holes. For the gMax 2 PRO, the file is set up with minimal support only near the bottom.

Since this model happens to have 8 small overhangs and we only want support under them. The areas higher up do not require support and should print fine.

Under the "Print > Support material" tab, set:

  • Overhang threshold: "1"

  • First layer expansion: "0"

  • Support style "snug"

Corner Feet are your Friends


Tip: Add corner feet to the model to help improve adhesion. This may not be necessary but it helps in certain situations where models might warp especially at corners.

Simply deselect all the models in the scene, then "right-click" and "add" a box. Scale the box so it's the desired width and length. Make sure to deselect the "lock" icon so you can modify the scale non-uniformly.

When you are satisfied with the size, click the "+" on your numpad three times to create more instances.

Click "m" and move them to the 4 sides of the model.

Set Up The Spots


Setting up the mushroom spots is fairly simple.

  • Overhang threshold to 30%

  • Support style "snug" to make it easier to remove the support after printing.

Time to Print and Results


Print out all the parts in your favorite PLA with your favorite colors. We used Atomic white PLA and ColorFabb Ultramarine blue PLA. The spots should pop easily into place and you can secure them with some super glue.

Since we printed at such a large scale you can fit in a standard lamp base and E26 LED bulb. We recommend an RGB LED bulb so you can change colors!

Happy Printing and make sure to tag @gCreate if you post your results.

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