Meet the gTouch Controller

The gTouch Controller is a powerful 3D printer add-on that provides a robust host of features to make 3D printing easier, more accessible, and ultra convenient. With the gTouch, you get a full-color touchscreen and a huge suite of useful cloud-based functions by Astroprint™ to your gMax 2 3D Printer (or any 3D printer). Astroprint is an amazing software and cloud service that connects to your printer and allows you to remotely monitor, control, and manage your printer(s) from anywhere in the world.

The Hardware

The gTouch is a Raspberry Pi™ powered device with a huge full-color 5.5” touch display that mounts directly to the front of your gMax’s frame. The clean user interface and big, easy to touch buttons make it effortless to navigate through its enormous arsenal of features.

The large screen allows you to clearly preview and work with your models directly on the device.

The Cloud

The gTouch is connected to the Astroprint cloud network. You can access your online Dashboard from any browser or their mobile app and connect to your gTouch Controller and printer no matter from anywhere.

With Astroprint, you no longer need to worry about wires or SD cards ever again. You can wirelessly store and transfer files to the cloud and access with any of your printers that have a connected gTouch or AstroPrint Gateway.

Astroprint has a full browser-based slicer based on the Cura engine. You can quickly upload STL files directly to the cloud, have them sliced, and then printing in a matter of minutes without ever leaving your computer chair.

The Control Panel

One of the most useful features and probably our favorite function of the gTouch controller is Remote Monitoring. Through the Astroprint dashboard, you can get real time updates on your print and set custom printing parameters, adjusting things such as Hotend Temperature, Bed Temperature, Flow, and Fan Speed. Additionally, by simply plugging a USB webcam into your gTouch, it becomes the ultimate print surveillance system, providing you a live video feed on your phone or desktop. You can also create and save hassle-free time-lapses of any of your prints with just the click of a single button.

What happens if you see your print failing while you are at work or out at the store? Well, now there’s no need to worry about coming home to a pile of plastic spaghetti. From the gTouch online control panel you can check on your prints and cancel them regardless of your location.

The Conclusion

With all of the different practical uses and functionalities, the gTouch Controller and Astroprint are an integral team for anyone who operates a 3D printer.

At gCreate, we have found gTouch Controllers essential to running our own print farm. Having the security of being able to check any print remotely and adjust the settings of our sensitive extra-long prints even after we leave our shop has been invaluable. Also, storing all our gMax production gcode files in the Cloud with everything up to date across all of the printers in our farm is now a critical part of our workflow.

Improve your 3D printing workflow going forward with the gTouch Controller today.

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